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D. Burton Smith

Don has written hundreds of reports, cases, articles and teaching notes over a sixty-year business, teaching and consulting career, but for the first time he is writing for fun.

97 Stories Distilled From 87 Years of Successful Living

I lost my lovely wife, Jean, to cancer after sixty-three wonderful years together.  Last year to help deal with loneliness I joined a writing group.  The First Year is a collection of stories from my first year of writing for fun.  I tried various story types to look for a place where I might develop a winning style.

Lucky Linda Loon is my first attempt at a children’s story.  I decided to do it differently by delivering real facts.  I wanted to include a loon’s life cycle, what they ate, who their enemies were, and other interesting facts about them.  I researched Loons, found photographs, and came up with this story.

I had grandmothers try Linda out on their grandchildren.  Much to my surprise, the adults enjoyed Linda as much as the children did.  I tried Linda out on primary school teachers and got a thumbs up.  That was the start of Paul’s and my creation of critteraweek.

Please help us out by passing Linda along to any of your Internet friends who might enjoy reading her story.

You can read more about Don and his projects on his Website.

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