Marvin Mighty Moose

As reviewed by Philip Van Heusen for Readers’ Favorite

Did you know that moose have four stomachs like bovines do? D. Burton Smith gives us information about moose in a fun way in Marvin Mighty Moose. He shares the facts of a moose’s life cycle. What is a moose’s worst enemy? If you guessed wolves, you are right. A baby moose drinks milk from his mother for six months. They learn how to fend for themselves for the first year of a moose’s life. After spending a year with their mother, they are chased away by her because she is about to give birth to a new baby moose. Are moose like deer and drop their antlers, or do they keep them like a cow keeps its horns? You will learn much about moose, including why so few deer live in moose territory. This fun book is scientifically accurate while entertaining at the same time.

Critteraweek, Inc. is a great organization with wonderful books introducing children to our great big world. This series of books includes books about the life cycles of many different animals, including moose, as found in Marvin Mighty Moose by D. Burton Smith. The author mentions that much research goes into these books and that level of research certainly shows. It is not common knowledge that moose can store up to 100 pounds of food in their stomachs. However, this research is not presented in a dry lecture. It is presented in an easy-to-read, fun way so children will want to learn and know more about animals. Since humans are responsible for protecting this planet and all that lives on it, it is wise to teach our children how important animals are. Take the time to teach your children about conservation and do projects reinforcing their responsibility to keep this planet healthy.