Rudi Caribou

Link to the original review by Christell Lindeque for Online Book Club

Rudi Caribou, written by D. Burton Smith, is an educational book for children. Rudi shares with the reader the difficulties a young caribou might face and how caribou manage to migrate more than a thousand miles every year.

My first impression of this book was that the Caribou on the cover was an actual animal, but as I read it, I realized that the illustrations were very well done and fooled me. I spent a lot of time looking at the pictures because they were so much better than realistic caribou pictures, and I think a child will feel the same way about them that I did. This book provides a wealth of information about caribou, including the predators they face, the routes they take during migration, and much more. The book also includes a map of where you might find caribous.

The way the author used a calf caribou was a great way to introduce the reader to the species. The fact that the narrator, who is a caribou, was given a name was a nice touch, too. The illustrations were one of the best parts of this book and deserve all the praise. We don’t have caribou where I come from, so I’ve always found them to be mysterious and fascinating. Some of the caribou’s characteristics surprised even me, but I won’t reveal them here so that readers can discover them through the book. I also loved that this book was educational.

There was not a single thing about this book that I did not enjoy. I give this book a perfect score of 5 out of 5 stars because it is not only informative but also educational, and it is sure to capture the attention of all children. The editing appears to be spotless; I found no mistakes.

I think it’s important for all kids to learn about this magnificent creature, and this book is a great way to do so. The illustrations are also outstanding, so the kids will have a good time admiring them.